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April 3, 2017

We mourn the loss of one of our writers and collaborators, Jason Tremblay, after a long battle with cancer. He was 39. Jason was an accomplished playwright with his company, Theater Heroes, in addition to writing numerous scripts for Blue Paper Film Works. He was a co-writer for In the Shadow, and wrote What's the Use? His creativity and insight into the story-telling process will be missed, as will his wit and honesty.


The feature romantic comedy script by writer/director/producer Nicole Elmer, "Dear Gina, Wish You Were Here, Love Jesús," won Best Romance in the Global Script Challenge at the 7th Annual Oaxaca Film Festival in Oaxaca, Mexico. It competed in three categories: "Best Overall Script," "Best Romance," and "Best Original Concept." Click here to read about Oaxaca's Film Festival, rated consistently as one of the top film festivals by Movie Maker Magazine.


How to Eat Pho and Dear Gina, Wish You Were Here, Love Jesús, advanced to second round judging at the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab for 2016. Sundance Screenwriters' Lab accepts 12 writers a year, and offers an intense workshopping environment to further craft story while meeting influential members of the industry. Learn more about Sundance here.

How to eat pho accepted at Oaxaca 2015 film fest

Feature comedy script, How to Eat Pho, has been accepted at the 6th International Oaxaca Film Festival, Global Script Challenge, occurring October 9 -17, 2015. This comedy is about three sisters who have to get over their personal differences in order to throw an amazing birthday for their ex-porn star father.

Nicole Elmer is the writer, with dramaturg work by Matha Lynn Coon and Jeff Mills. Jorge Sermini is the producer.

What's the Use? to Screen at the Cine Las Americas 18th International Film Festival

Our second feature film, What's the Use?will be making its festival premiere at Cine Las Americas in the Hecho en Tejas section. Cine Las Americas promotes films made by or about Latinos or indigenous people of the Americas. The screening time is 2 p.m., Saturday the 25th of April, at the Marchesa Theater.

What's the Use?  is set during one hot July 4th evening in Austin, TX, when a teenage girl heads out to settle her junkie father's financial debts to a dangerous loan shark. This black comedy embraces a very experimental visual style, using film footage shot on the Lomokino hand-cranked 35mm camera, along with digital footage from the Black Magic Cinema Camera and the Canon 7D, as well as reels from the public domain. 

The film was shot in one of the hottest summers in Austin, that of the summer of 2011, when record temperatures of over 100 were being set almost daily. More scenes were shot in Las Vegas, NV during July, 2013. The learn more about the early stages of this film, visit an 2011 article in Filmmaker Magazine written by Nicole Elmer.


A still from "What's the Use?'