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Blue Paper Film Works is a collective of filmmakers and artists creating challenging narrative and experimental films and media.


Creating Unusual Indie Films Since 2007

Blue Paper Film Works is a collective of film-minded people and artists creating unusual and compelling works.

Sometimes we're serious, and sometimes we're just plain whacky.

What's the Use?

What's the Use?

In the Shadow

In the Shadow



european film market 2016

We are so excited to be at the EFM this year, meeting with all those involved in the industry of global cinema.

"HOW to EAT PHO" accepted at oaxaca 2015 film festival

The feature comedy script, "How to Eat Pho," has been accepted in the Global Script Challenge at the 6th Annual Oaxaca Film Festival in Oaxaca, Mexico. In the story, a down-and-out puppeteer tries to throw a magnificent last birthday party for her dying ex-porn star father. Click here to read about Oaxaca's Film Festival, rated consistently as one of the top film festivals by Movie Maker Magazine.

two feature scripts make it to 2nd round judging at sundance

Two of our comedy feature scripts, "How to Eat Pho," and "Dear Gina, Wish You Were Here, Love Jesús," made it to second-round judging for the Sundance 2016 Screenwriters' Lab held each year in Utah. Click here to learn more about the scripts, and click here to learn about Sundance's Screenwriters' Lab.

"What's the use premieres at CINE LAs AMERICAS"

We are thrilled to have our second feature make its festival debut at the 18th International Cine Las Americas Film Festival. Click here to learn more about the film, and visit this site to learn about Cine Las Americas.