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What's the Use?

In this over-caffeinated experimental black comedy, 17 year-old Sara defends her pride, and her tidy dishwashing station, from a career-oriented greasy spoon waitress. In the gymnastics of her self defense, she recalls a surreal night only a few years ago on the 4th of July, when she journeyed through the summer heat to settle her junkie dad's personal debts to a dangerous loan shark.



This is a short interview with Jorge Sermini as he talks a bit about the making of the this experimental black comedy.

In this short segment, Nicole Elmer talks about the creative approach to making the experimental black comedy, "What's the Use?"


Austin American Statesman, April 16th 2015

Filmmaking Sin Fronteras

Austin Chronicle, April 17, 2015, written by Marc Savlov


Austin Film Society: Avant Cinema, April 2014

Cine Las Americas 18th International Film Festival, April 2015

filmclub 813, cologne germany, december 2015