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Creating Unusual Indie Films Since 2007

Blue Paper Film Works is a collective of film-minded people and artists creating unusual and compelling works.

Sometimes we're serious, and sometimes we're just plain whacky.

 What's the Use?

What's the Use?

 In the Shadow

In the Shadow




We’ve returned from San Sebastién, and will be attending the 2018 American Film Market (AFM), with plans to also hit up Rotterdam and EFM shortly after the holidays.

April 3, 2017

We mourn the loss of one of our writers and collaborators, Jason Tremblay, after a long battle with cancer. He was 39. Jason was an accomplished playwright with his company, Theater Heroes, in addition to writing numerous scripts for Blue Paper Film Works. He was a co-writer for In the Shadow, and wrote What's the Use? His creativity and insight into the story-telling process will be missed, as will his wit and honesty. We love you, Jason!